In 2022, Gorod celebrates its 25th anniversary and is known as a major band of the Tech-Death scene in France. 

Coming from Bordeaux, their world recognition begins in the USA and keeps growing thanks to countless tours throughout Europe, North America but also in Japan and South-East Asia. 

Far from being just a band playing classic technical Death Metal, Gorod always tends to diversify its inspirations. With a unique groove mingled with melodies and rich harmonies coming out of 70’s jazz, funk and rock, their progressive and sophisticated approach gives them a unique identity. 

Knowing that Gorod’s art is fully expressed on stage thanks to their explosive energy and extremely tight live performances, we can also expect from their new productions a real experiential journey with a both aggressive and complex typical touch. 

But never forget how communicative and funny remain these five guys who also just enjoy having good time and hang out with their fans ! 

At the beginning of 2023, Gorod revealed his 7th album ‘The Orb’ which turns out to be the most accomplished of their career. The Bordeaux quintet offers us both a synthesis of their previous efforts and opens up to new, more accessible horizons. Their music is now more direct and catchy but keeps the complexity and the very personal touch of the beginnings, while offering new experiments that will surprise many. 

Be ready to see them live in better shape than ever !